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Many thanks for your reports and observations !

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If anyone filled this form and didn't received any notification please contact me or please report the events once more using plain text forms available - E.A.O.N. or  IOTA variant. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Basic event info

Year   Month   Day (evening/morning)    Predicted time
Occulted star
Asteroid number    Asteroid name (or provisional designation)


Name    E.A.O.N.  abbr.
Postal address
E-mail address
Phone   Fax

Observing station

Local name / Institute
Nearest city
Latitude ° '          Longitude ° '  
Altitude (in meters)       Geodetic system (or how determined)
Specify other observers name for double or multiple station


Type     Telescope F:ratio     Magnification x
Aperture            Focal length
Mounting     Motor drive
Approximate limiting magnitude  

Timing of events (use Universal Time)

Observation was

Universal Time
Accuracy, Remarks
Started observing
Star and object merged
Estimated closest approach
Star and object separated
Stopped observing
Was your reaction time (personal equation, P.E.) subtracted from the above timings ?
Was the asteroid visible in your scope before/after occultation ?  
Was the asteroid visible in your scope during occultation ?  
If you have interrupted your observation, then please note this fact in comments.
For each interrupt give start and end time together with reason.

Timing and recording

Mode of recording
Digital stopwatch
Mechanical stopwatch
Tape recorder
Eye-ear method
T-recorder (chart)
Other (please specify in comments)
Device of recording
TV camera
Other (please specify in comments)
Reference time signal

Observing conditions

Atmospheric transparency        Star image stability       Wind  
Temperature °C
Weather comments


You can put here any comments regarding observation, timings, interruptions, conditions, errors ....
If you would like to send this report also to someone else (not only to those listed in the section Copies)
enter on the end of your comments on the LAST comment line (can be more than once):


I would like to send copy of this report also to
E.A.O.N.  (on EAON form to Planoccult list)
IOTA   (on IOTA form to Jan Manek, positive reports also David Dunham)
myself  (all upper checked versions to reporting person)
There will be generated report (according to entered data) for the checked organisation and the responsible persons will get their copy.


Although the final report forms are generated automatically, manual check is still needed, so your report will be ready within 24 hours on workdays and on Monday after weekends.

Have you entered all you wanted to enter ?      
Would you like to clear all and start again ?        

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