Update for (22) Kalliope - June 5/6, 2004

  • Update computed by Jan Manek;   issued 02 Jun 2004 00:22 +0200 (CEST)

  • Jan Manek's update

                         IOTA/IOTA-ES occultation update for
               (22) Kalliope / TYC 6814-00458-1 on June 5/6, 2004
            visible from S Russia, S Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, S Hungary,
        frm. Yugoslavia, S Austria, SW Germany, N Italy, Switzerland and France

    In the night of June 5/6, 2004 a faint 10.6 mag star TYC 6814-00458-1 will be occulted by a 187 km asteroid (22) Kalliope. This update is based on USNO/Flagstaff, TMO and LaSilla astrometry for the asteroid and UCAC2 star position.

    The updated path shows ~1 path width north shift with time ~0.3 minutes earlier compared to Edwin Goffin's nominal prediction.

    Updated path runs over S Russia ~21:07.5 UT, S Ukraine ~21:08.3 UT, Romania ~21:09.2 UT, Bulgaria ~21:09.2 UT, S Hungary 21:09.6 UT, frm. Yugoslavia ~21:09.7 UT, S Austria ~21:10.0 UT, SW Germany ~21:10.3 UT, N Italy ~21:10.4 UT, Switzerland ~21:10.5 UT and France ~21:10.7 UT. Please check the path chart for details.

    Beside occultation by main body, occultation by it's satellite will occur just south of main body's path. Special campaign is organized by IMCCE and additional informatoin can be found at EAON and Euraster sites.

    Here is current station list for European cities and observatories plus other sites.
    If you would like to have your station listed with other observetories and sites, send me your request using the structure descripted here

    Clear sky and good luck !!!

    The event at one glimpse:
     * date and approx. UT time of event: June 05, 2004 @ 21:10 UT (Europe)
     * magnitude of target star: 10.6
     * magnitude drop [mag]: 0.9
     * estimated maximum duration [s]: 12.9
     * approx. V mag of minor planet at event [mag]: 10.9
     * geocentric parallax of minor planet ["]: 4.027
     * apparent motion of minor planet ["/h]: 32.86
     * angular distance to moon, phase of moon [deg,%]: 38, 89%
     * Goffin's original chart reference: A04_0608
    The occultation path with path maps:
     * approximate ground width [km]: 560
     * uncertainty [path widths]: 0.33
     * uncertainty in time [s]: 7
     * map: Overview
            European part
     * remarks: Path uncertainties [2 sigmas] are given according to nominal star
                position errors and expected asteroid positional accuracy.
    Elements for WinOccult - use 'Save as ...' to download and save these elements.
    Finding charts (prepared in GUIDE8):
     * occulted star is in center - labeled with cross
     * labeled stars have indicated SAO numbers
     * (smaller) square box shows 30' field in all wider field charts
     * (larger) square box shows 3° field in wide field charts
     * remarks:
       Target star is in south Ophiuchus, about 6.3 degrees east of 1.1 mag star alpha Scorpii = Antares = SAO 184415.
       !!! IMPORTANT !!!
       Purple stars in identification chart are so called 'non-star' objects in GSC; in dense fields
       the 'non-stars' are often real stars or blends of close pairs. Be careful about this.
       40-degree chart
       3-degree chart
       0.5-degree chart
    Data for the target star:
     * name: TYC 6814-00458-1
     * constellation: Ophiuchus
     * J2000 position [h,m,s; o,',"]: 16h 57m 19.5354s; -26o 04' 08.266"
     * position source: UCAC2
     * estimated accuracy ["]: 0.03" (0.02", 0.02")
     * V mag [mag]: 10.55
     * B-V [mag]: +0.57
     * remarks:
    Data for the minor planet:
     * general information:
         number, name: (22) Kalliope
         approx. diameter [km]: 187
     * orbital information
         orbit source: calculation Manek
         source of used astrometry: USNO/Flagstaff (Ron Stone), TMO (Bill Owen), LaSilla (Raoul Behrend)
         number of used observations: 121 USNO, 31 TMO, 5 LaSilla
         number of rejected observations: 0
         time covered by the observations: 1997 11 29 - 2004 06 01
         rms residuals ["] (RA,DE): 0.08", 0.09"
         estimated positional accuracy at epoch of event ["]: 0.05", 0.03"
    Path coordinates: click here
    Calculator(s): Jan Manek
    Jan Manek
    Stefanik Observatory                Private :
    Petrin 205                          Werichova 950
    118 46  Praha 1                     152 00  Praha 5 - Barrandov     |_|_|
    Czech Republic                      Czech Republic                  /   \
    Internet : jan.manek AT worldonline.cz                             |-O-O-|

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